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In the words of the great Frenchmen Jean Valjean, “Who am I?”.


An African American girl born and raised on the eastside of Macon, Georgia. A girl raised on Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. A girl who can begrudgingly add Lifetime to that list because her mother had it on twenty-four seven.


Who am I?


A reader of hundreds of books and thousands of pages. A lover of musicals, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Alan Menken, and Baz Luhrmann. A tony-award winning actress (in her mind) for her one-woman reenactment of Phantom of the Opera. A lover of dogs and the joy they bring to any situation.


Who am I?


A visual and traditional artist who works to bring the unreal to life. Someone who is inspired by images and can turn those images to words and vice versa. Someone who synthesizes images with words and music to bring about an experience.


Who am I?... A writer?

I am the one who holds entire worlds in their head and the power to bring them to life at my fingertips. The one who routes for and writes for the underdog. I write for possibilities that don’t exist right at this moment. I write for a little escape from what we see in the world today. I write for the relationships that exist in our everyday lives. I write for the experiences that friends and strangers have the courage to share with me. I write to inspire people.  For girls like me who feel they can’t write for themselves. I write to share my experiences and dreams.


Who am I?


I am an Artist.


I am Sydnee Robertson.