• Sydnee Robertson


In creating my next piece, I wanted something big and imposing yet still beautiful as I work on each new section in my collection, I wanted to be sure to stick to the theme of space. As I’ve worked, I’ve incorporated space into the background with stars and vivid colors, but I wanted to do something more.

Meet Galaxus.

Galaxus holds infinite galaxies within her. She’s both known and unknown to us. Her skin cracks as she keeps the many places in space within her, beyond our reach. She is space itself, with her silver black skin and eyes the color of starlight. She wears our solar system as accessories (A Fashion Icon Obviously).

I found inspiration on Pinterest for her pose and facial expression. When I first sketched out how I wanted the picture to go she was facing a completely different direction. I changed this because I have a tendency to draw figures facing the right. I wanted to be different this time. One problem in drawing her (seen top) is the hand to face ratio. I had problems getting the right proportions, but this is the WIP, and I hope to remedy this as I continue on the picture.

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